I wish I could explain how much you all mean to me
If there were even enough words to describe it
If I could express my ever growing love for you all
Really, the only thing I can do is show it
And if I know hundreds and thousands of ways to say thank you
I would say them, you name it
But for now, if you need me, I will always be here
To light the candles, help you see
If you need me, I will be the mojito while you’re on the beach
If you need me, I will be the flame to light your cigarette
If you need me, I will be the ladder to help you reach
If you need me, I will always be here
I can’t thank you enough for everything
Because of you all, I’m now a better person and have a better soul
There’s so many ifs in this unknown world of ours
But there’s one thing that I am sure of
Our love and our love for each other
Our love is high voltage

i feel the pain

a rapid rush

blood flowing through my veins

telling myself to hush.

i looked at my hand

and dropped the knife

is this the way i want to end my life?

i feel so sick

i was to rewind

i want to erase everything evil in my mind.

my body is soaked

it’s getting hard to breath

will i go to heaven?

will i fly free?

took a look at the mirror

and saw a faint smile

i saw a face so pale

so white.

its getting dark

i feel no pain

i feel no blood flowing through my veins.

i looked at the knife lying on the red floor

picked it up and through it at the door

i don’t want to go!

I don’t want to go!

let me live my life!

let me learn what i don’t know!

starting to shake

feeling weak

touched my breast and my heart skipped a beat.

i guess this is it

i can’t go back

this is the way i ended my life.

By Me

This is a poem I wrote on the 16th of July 2003. Just found it lying around. I’m not sure what I was thinking about at the time but I think its pretty interesting for a 13 year old haha…

A Porcelain Doll’s Glissading Tears

Eyes blinked
that shouldn’t have

followed steps and skips
that shouldn’t have

echoed in empty halls
that should have been

filled with laughter, hollow now.
That shouldn’t have

been released, behind cracked glass
that should have been

left forgotten.
That shouldn’t have

heads turning, tears glistening.
That shouldn’t have

tracing dirt red stains on walls.

by, Stoney Moss