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ive never really taken a serious photography class, iv just always enjoyed doing it for fun and experimenting, but a friend took me to do this fashion photography workshop and it was an opportunity that was totally worth it. there were about 12-14 people taking the class and we were lucky enough to shoot one of manila’s top elite models, alisa. i was intimidated by the other photographers in the room since they were all experienced, but everyone was supportive of each other and were a lot of fun to work with. we started off with a few exercises, working with partners and as a group, which made us feel more comfortable working together. then we started shooting… the set was futuristic with alisa styled in a “gaga” fashion, which was fun and something iv never done before. i didnt have my own camera so i used one of the photographer’s and it was heavy! (we only had a minute or so to get the shot we wanted so resting my arms was not an option.) i honestly didnt know what i wanted in the shot at first but then i got more “into it” and eventually got the shot i wanted. we shot alisa in 2 different outfits and played with lighting, which i found hardest, but i think i did a pretty good job ☺… above are 3 of the favorite shots i took. what do you think!?

✷ workshops are held at edge of light studios, manila. learn more about edge of light studios by visiting ☺