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Shots from the Gladiators music video by Vegamoore. Filmed and created by Dennis Bersales.

Featuring Naomi Bersales and I ;]


my sister-in-law shook the crab… so i got some sand and crab juice all up in there…. vom.

46186_10151268271402236_1868803009_nwith my friends, sister and niece ❤

beachhhour second day in phuket we took the speedboat and went 10 minutes away to the japanese island :]

mostly always empty with a restaurant on the beach

nice place to get away and relax but bring bug spray and use a lot!

ive never really taken a serious photography class, iv just always enjoyed doing it for fun and experimenting, but a friend took me to do this fashion photography workshop and it was an opportunity that was totally worth it. there were about 12-14 people taking the class and we were lucky enough to shoot one of manila’s top elite models, alisa. i was intimidated by the other photographers in the room since they were all experienced, but everyone was supportive of each other and were a lot of fun to work with. we started off with a few exercises, working with partners and as a group, which made us feel more comfortable working together. then we started shooting… the set was futuristic with alisa styled in a “gaga” fashion, which was fun and something iv never done before. i didnt have my own camera so i used one of the photographer’s and it was heavy! (we only had a minute or so to get the shot we wanted so resting my arms was not an option.) i honestly didnt know what i wanted in the shot at first but then i got more “into it” and eventually got the shot i wanted. we shot alisa in 2 different outfits and played with lighting, which i found hardest, but i think i did a pretty good job ☺… above are 3 of the favorite shots i took. what do you think!?

✷ workshops are held at edge of light studios, manila. learn more about edge of light studios by visiting ☺

so…ive been away. was in Bohol for 5 days to see how my lolo’s grave was doing; we built a roof over him so relatives and friends can hang out there to visit. it’s looking good even though the color scheme was a bit too hectic at first but we changed it. so while i was away i read AND may i add, finished a book- aphrodite by russel andrews (wasn’t a peaceful read but i like mysterious/thrilling novels). i meditated, cleared my head, sorted out my recent anger issues that kind of dragged along, and… breathed. a trip i truly needed! anyways, for some reason, on the day we were coming back from bohol, i was in a grumpy-bad-mood-state of mind, let’s just say that i really needed a “happy meal” but things turned the right side up once i got home and got to my room. a shark smacked me in the face! BALLOOOOONS! was honestly an amazing surprise. my room is now an underwater chamber. seriously AWESOME. ….i knew only one person who could pull something like this off.

now if these were roses, i dunno where they would be right now haha good move.

with my beautiful dinner date at anzani. monchmonchmonch…

and of course… fondue to end our romantic meal

i have amazing friends. thank you, i ❤  you guys.

[thats my mom second to the left!]

I had my Cervical Cancer vaccine done yesterday… they lie. it hurts! i can barely lift my arm and i feel like it’s completely bruised inside! fack! i know, i know… it prevents cervical cancer. i don’t regret it, im happy i did it but it doesn’t mean i can’t complain. OUCHIE!

Women… get you Cervical Cancer vaccine. 3 shots; 2nd shot after a month from the 1st vaccine and the last one 6 months after.

Be against it ✓