♡ My Valentine’s Day ♡

so…ive been away. was in Bohol for 5 days to see how my lolo’s grave was doing; we built a roof over him so relatives and friends can hang out there to visit. it’s looking good even though the color scheme was a bit too hectic at first but we changed it. so while i was away i read AND may i add, finished a book- aphrodite by russel andrews (wasn’t a peaceful read but i like mysterious/thrilling novels). i meditated, cleared my head, sorted out my recent anger issues that kind of dragged along, and… breathed. a trip i truly needed! anyways, for some reason, on the day we were coming back from bohol, i was in a grumpy-bad-mood-state of mind, let’s just say that i really needed a “happy meal” but things turned the right side up once i got home and got to my room. a shark smacked me in the face! BALLOOOOONS! was honestly an amazing surprise. my room is now an underwater chamber. seriously AWESOME. ….i knew only one person who could pull something like this off.

now if these were roses, i dunno where they would be right now haha good move.

with my beautiful dinner date at anzani. monchmonchmonch…

and of course… fondue to end our romantic meal

i have amazing friends. thank you, i ❤  you guys.

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