In Bohol. Missing you, Lolo

[I was in Bohol, Philippines for a week for my Lolo (grandpa’s) funeral. That’s why I haven’t been updating.]

He was a beautiful man; helpful, kind, generous, strong, honest and caring. We will always think of you, Lolo. I love you so much.

Here are some family photographs I collected from my Lolo’s photo albums…

✿ Leopoldo with my Lola (grandma), Leonisa. Funny and quite romantic how their names start with Leo

✿ My beautiful mom back in the day

✿ Me, my younger sister and my mom having some fun at the beach in Cebu

✿ My uncle, Ernesto. Stylishhh

✿ My mom with her cousin (we have sooo many relatives, I meet more and more of them every time I visit!)

✿ In our car in Busay with my brother’s girlfriend at the time, my sister, mom, and dad

✿ Lola and Lolo grocery shopping in England. Loving their style :]

✿ My sister, mom and I at home

✿ Cool mummy chilling with her awesome polka dots and aviators

✿ And me… posing was my hobby :p

  1. tif said:

    this is a beautiful post..may your Lolo rest in peace. love you kym x

  2. val said:

    hi! im from bohol! i didnt know muegos are from bohol. may i know which part of bohol are u from?

  3. Joan Jett said:

    me too ,,where in bohol? daghan man sad ug abad sa amung town

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