Google Earth Finds…

“This blood-red lake in Iraq has led to scary rumours that it has been caused by a nearby slaughterhouse that is responsible for an insane amount of bloodshed. An official explanation has never actually been offered but sceptics believe that it is most likely the cause of sewage in the water that has turned it into this polluted colour. The jury’s still out on this one.”

“Not surprisingly this heart-shaped island discovered on Google Earth became a huge hit on Valentine’s Day. It’s located in the Adriatic off the Croatian coast and is currently uninhabited. It’s 130,000 square yards in size and has been named Galesnjak. The owner of the island was not even aware of its shape until he was inundated with requests from romantic couples who wanted to rent the island!”

“The S.S. Jassim was a Bolivian cargo ferry that ran aground and sunk on the Wingate Reef off the coast of Sudan in 2003. Google Earth captured a shot of it though and it has now become one of the most searched for Google Earth images as well as becoming one of the largest shipwrecks captured by the programme.”

“The Coronado Naval Amphibious Base in San Diego was built back in 1967. Little did the architect and builders know though that an aerial shot taken by Google Earth in 2007 would unfortunately reveal that the four unconnected buildings form the shape of a swastika. Horrified by the revelation the Navy are now spending $600,000 to disguise the shape.”

“In 2006 the Oregon State University Linux Users group designed this giant Firefox logo crop circle in a cornfield in Oregon. The huge crop circle spans 45,000 sq. ft. and was created in celebration of the Web browser’s 50 millionth download. Nice work!”



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