♖ food artists… yurrmmmeh

Carl Warner creates this surreal “foodscape”. First, he sketches out the scenes and then uses pins and super glue to hold together his creations, which take a few days each to complete. Unbelievable!

Mike McCarey is an amazing pastry chef. Look at these sculptural cakes! I don’t think I could put a knife through these cakes… they’re too beautiful!

 Robin Antar is an award-winning sculptor from Brooklyn. She carves stone into incredibly life-like replicas of food. These sculptures look like real food to me!

Prudence Emma Staite wants people to experience her art with all of their senses. She creates jewelry, paintings, sculpture, games and even entire rooms from chocolate –but the sweet stuff isn’t her only favorite medium. She also made sculptures of the Colosseum, Spanish Steps and Pope Benedict XVI using enough pizza dough to make 500 pizzas for an exhibit at the Museum of London! Yummmm…

Zhanna is a bakery in St. Petersburg, Russia. This bakery has created some of the most insanely amazing cakes in the history of human civilization. The cakes look so realistic… brilliant.


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